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 Worldwide Splash Portals are Targeting search engine placement and are optimized city portals optimized for you and you, your state, and your city. Worldwide Splash Portals are a city co-op system for the network marketing industry.

NOTE: Unless otherwise marked as "TEAM PORTAL" all portals are available to current reps/distributors of listed companies; our goal is to help anyone willing to work at building a business with the listed companies. Home based business is growing any persons wishing to succeed in the company of their choice can use theses portals systems.

    Step 1: Find your company and sign up if you have not already done so.
    Step 2: Begin advertising your new city portal.
    Step 3: If your company is not listed below, contact us and we'll put together a quote and contact you in a timely manner.

If your company is not listed below, and you are the company owner or a leader in your company contact us and can put together a quote and contact you in a timely manner on how simple it is to help your distributors succeed. Cut down on the attrition rate most companies experience by building a national co-op marketing system for your distributors.

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Zoom Mobile
Talk Fusion
Zoom Mobile - Maintain 3 friends with Zoom Mobile and Your Cell Services are FREE! Talk Fusion Team Revolution National Marketing directory  
  • Start Your Zoom Mobile Home Business
  • Build Your Zoom Mobile Home Business
  • Promote Your Zoom Mobile Business
Let Discover Opportunity Zoom Help You Connect With Business Builders, Potencial Cell Phone Customers to help build your business.

Where You Can Stay in touch with friends and family. Share those first baby steps with Grandma and Grandpa. Relive vacation memories. BUILD ANY BUSINESS WITH VIDEO EMAIL - VIDEO AUTO RESPONDERS - LEAD CAPTURE AND E SUBSCRIPTION FORMS.
Join Here At Executive Level Get Free Marketing pages in both marketing systems below call Mark for instructions 541-688-2046


Market Your Business - Get Traffic - Earn More Income

My Shopping Genie
MyShoppingGenie National Sales Directory
National CieAura Independent Distributor Locator


My Shopping Genie WOW Take Your Business Viral
No Mater What Business You Are In
No Matter What You Want To Promote Give Away Free Downloads to promote your existing business

National CieAura Independent Distributor Locator Directory. Here you will learn more about CieAura's Transparent Holographic Chips™ You will also find all the information you need on CieAura's Amazing Home Business Opportunity!


Rent Your City Portal - Sell Your Products - Build Your Business

Xooma Online Marketing
Xooma Pravante Super Fruits
Xtreme X2O
High-antioxidant Functional Beverage
Youngevity Distributors Network National Sales Directory

What is Xtreme X2O?
Xtreme X2O is an all-natural, organic mineral complex derived from a pristine ocean source found near the Okinawan Islands. Harvested in its natural form, we use a patented processing method to ensure the highest level of purity and safety before packaging this powerful product into individual, ready-to-use "sachets."

Xooma Worldwide is proud to announce that Dean and Stephanie Field, former top executives and former top network marketing distributors, have joined together with Xooma to bring to market Pravante, a premier high-antioxidant functional health beverage, and join as distributors with Xooma to build a strong networking organization and leadership team.

$10.00 Sign up gets you rebates on orders of $50 or more.
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Dr Millers Iaso Weight Loss Tea
IasoSlim TM dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of ingredients including Dark Cocoa, Phenylethylamine, Natural Caffeine and Gerana XTM (active from Geranium Flower), plus key support minerals. Take one or two capsules to kick you into gear and help turn-off your hunger switch Dr Millers Iaso Weight Loss Tea IasoSlim TM dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of ingredients including Dark Cocoa, Phenylethylamine, Natural Caffeine and Gerana XTM (active from Geranium Flower), plus key support minerals. Take one or two capsules to kick you into gear and help turn-off your hunger switch

The Originator Of The Tell 3 And Yours Is FREE Promotions.
My Flat Rate Cellular
Wow Mobile Hamish Brownie Team Leader

Total Life Changes has been changing lives since 1999. Through top quality nutritional products and expert advice from “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional,” TLC can help you lose weight and feel great in as little as five days.

The IasoSlim Difference

IasoSlim TM dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of ingredients including Dark Cocoa, Phenylethylamine, Natural Caffeine and Gerana XTM (active from Geranium Flower), plus key support minerals. Take one or two capsules to kick you into gear and help turn-off your hunger switch. We also recommend that you a highly absorbable liquid multi Vitamin to provide additional nutrients.

Stop Using Company's Self Replicated Web Sites to Promote Your Business and Stop Failing

Enagic Kangen Water
ZPE Nano Wands
ASEA Protects Repairs Replaces Cells
Enagic Kangen Water Distributor National Marketing Portals
Nano Wands National Sales Directory

Asea Is the only patented product that gives your body the natural molecules that participate in cellular communications, cellular protection and the healing response.

Enagic Kangen Water Distributor and to learn about the benefits of Alkaline, Ionized, Kangen Water.

Make your own pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water which is rich in minerals,
purged of impurities, free of contamination, in your own home!

Zero Point Energy - Nano Energy - Quantum Force - Scalar Products
NON-MLM Retail Distributors

Spanish Portal

Magic Power Coffee
What An Incredible One of a Kind Business Only $70 For Complete Web System & Product 12 Packs of Magic Power Coffee Only Here Nothing Else Like It 100% Matching Check Bonuses on Personal Members
ODOR LIQUIDATOR Commercial Odor Eliminator
Auto Dealer Management System Auto / Trucks  / RV's

What An Incredible One of a Kind Business
Only $70 For Complete Web System & Product
12 Packs of Magic Power Coffee
Only Here Nothing Else Like It
100% Matching Check Bonuses on Personal Members

We know there are a lot of companies say they have an odor eliminator product.  You might be skeptical right now.  But, you surely won't be when you've experienced Odor Liquidator (OL) in use.  Odor Liquidator has been called a "MIRACLE" (click here to listen!).  It's simple, non-toxic, non-destructive "green" biochemistry at its best.  There is no other product like it.  So, "no-bid" contracts are common, and no one can claim to have as effective a product as Odor Liquidator.

Auto Dealer Management System D M S Auto / Trucks / RV's

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Edge Online Marketing Training
Tru Chocolate
National Avon Directory   | Avon Home Business opportunity
Mastering Online Network Marketing
TRU Chocolate Now Available in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Helping People Lose Weight In A Safe Healthy Manner


The Edge Marketing System is your personal coach for mastering online network marketing.

TRU Chocolate Designed with YOU the Chocolate Lover in Mind!
Looking For Great Opportunity To Weather The Recession?
Do You Just Need To Lose A Few Pounds?
TRU Chocolate Now Available in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Helping People Lose Weight In A Safe Healthy Manner.

Each City Portal Is Optimized For You, Your Product, and Your City

GBG 10-in-One
Trading Cash 4 Gold
Put Your Company Here
National GBG Distributor Directory - Home Business opportunity
Sell Gold Silver Jewelry
Portal System For Lease

The Amazing Energy Matrix Are By Far The Best Most Affordable Nutritional Supplement Products On The Market Today.
GBG Liquid Vitamins also offers one of the the most affordable most profitable Home Based Business Opportunities anywhere in Alabama. Contact your Sponsor today for full details on this amazing opportunity.

Free Affiliate Program for the beginning marketer. Free To Join No monthly Autoship

This Portal System Perfect For An Internet Mall Program. Call 541-688-2046 for information on how to lease this national internet portal system.

There Can Be Only One Distributor In Each City - Get Your City For Your Preferred Company

My City Health Shop
Super Fruits GT
TraVerus Travel Agents
National Market Health-Affiliate Program Distributor Directory - Home Business opportunity
Super Fruits GT
My City Travel Agents - National TraVerus Agent Directory

The Market Health Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the world’s leading health and beauty offers online. We offer the highest paying affiliate program and best tracking software in our industry. If you have a web site and are interested in making money off the explosive sales in the health and beauty industry, then is perfect for you. Offers include products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skin care industries.

Why Super fruits GT?
Pollution, toxins, and life’s daily stresses are slowly damaging your body. The damage occurs at the cellular level through the creation of Free Radicals. Free Radicals are split molecules that become unstable and attack surrounding healthy molecules. Your body uses antioxidants to help combat Free Radicals and the damaging effects they can have on your body. But as we expose ourselves to ever increasing levels of harmful pollutants, our bodies struggle to produce sufficient antioxidants. Simply put, your body needs additional sources of antioxidants to fight Free Radicals.

My City Travel Agents - National TraVerus Agent Directory
Find Your Local TraVerus Travel Agent
To Receive Huge Discounts On All Your Travel and Vacation Packages

The Biggest Mistake Distributors Make

There is Two key errors that nearly all beginning network marketers/affiliate marketers make that contributes to the whopping 98% failure rate in the network marketing industry.

Trying to promote their shinny new self replicating web site account on their chosen company domain!

Success requires the use of your own domain name or marketing system such as World Wide Splash has made available above.!

Your personal domain has to be online in the form of a website or re-directed to a website that is search engine optimized

Also, it needs to be distinct from that of the company you are a distributor for.

To accomplish a web presence in three distinct areas: You must have a domain name. You must have a website. And, if you are not using one of our city portals you need to have a hosting account. You can register a domain at Godaddy through our special registry for less then ten dollars HERE and Redirect your new domain to the city marketing portal of your choice.

When you registered with an mlm company, they or your organization, gave you a website just for connecting. Even though it may be for no cost, it does keep you from positioning yourself appropriately in the Internet Search Engines.

A corporation website, even a good one, is designed to highlight The Company. It could have a small section for your profile but it is not intended to highlight you or your business? only The Company. Also, they can place things on your account pages without your permission. They have all the control of the site. You will be always be promoting The Company Store.

The largest error a brand new representative makes is not securing their personal name. Remember, people bond with you prior to them joining a business. You definitely need to have a website to highlight yourself and not Talk Fusion.

It is so simple to setup your personal name as a website. It is called a "domain name".

For you to have your own site, you must first register a domain name and get hosting for that name. Example: is a domain name, but you could not use that website if it were not hosted somewhere.

Remember, a domain name is your exclusive home on the web. That is why everyone has to have his or her personal name or a name with keywords referring to the type of service or product you are marketing! Once you register a domain it is taken - no one else can have it.

Having your own domain name is the fastest and easiest way to prevent the #1 blunder that most distributors/representatives make...

Also, if you are not using our national city portal system you will need a website hosting account. I choose to be with one of the larger companies like GoDaddy.

Let me suggest that you at least obtain your personal name and hosting account at this moment!

Second Reason Failure is accomplished is that many distributors not using the above information and not making money allow their dreams to be stolen by other companies distributors. After trying to build a business using the company supplied replicator site and not developing the income stream they believe or were told was possible they are as they say "ripe for the picking". Then their phone rings and a slick marketer tells them about another company that has much greener grass and invites them to join their team. (Note: If you are using one of our city marketing portals you will begin to get many calls like this. Our systems will get you into the search engines where the vultures from other network marketing companies that don't know how to do internet marketing can find you. These are dream stealers don't be fooled by the glitz, glamour and promises of great wealth.

On another subject don't be lead astray by the scammers out their selling get rich lead capture, splash pages, doorway pages and other systems that show images of their Adsence account, paypal accounts or other bank ledgers showing how much they made. These people are scammers and it is illegal to induce people into a program showing the owner of the systems bank records! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THOSE TYPE OF DEPOSITES INTO YOUR ACCOUNT USING THEIR "Self Replicated Web Site" SYSTEM. You already have a company supplied self replicating web site if your with a network marketing company! THEIR SYSTEM WORKS FOR THEM AND NOT YOU!)

The distributor goes over to just look at the pretty impressive website of the new company and thinks perhaps the grass is greener with this company and joins up and before long realizes that history dose in fact repeat it 'self! Working the new business for a few months a year and getting the same results here comes another company with even greener grass! Folks if your reading this all I can say after 15+ years in mlm network marketing world I have seen this repeat itself time after time until the distributor gives up and becomes an anti networking advocate. WARNING -WARNING - WARNING DON"T ALLOW OTHERS TO STEAL YOUR DREAMS find a company and stick with it. Don't be convinced that you can build a business with several companies Very Few People Can. Pick a primary company that has a product "you like" and "you will use" month after month then get started. Once you feel comfortable pick one other company that is not in competition with your primary business one that offers a services you can use that help's promote and build your primary business! Then you are building two income streams with supporting companies. If you are building a cell phone business for example you could use Talk Fusion to get your message out to other about your cell phone opportunity. Talk Fusion will fit with any opportunity and pay you to build your business!

Success in Network Marketing: Get your own domain! Don't allow others to persuade you from accomplishing your dreams!

Network Marketing Works If You Work It As Your Own Business!

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